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Anglo-Saxon Art - Page 1 of 2 

Anglo-Saxon Art
Exquisite works of jewelry were produced by the Ang1o-Saxons, often showing marked affinities with their neighbors to the East and South. Metalwork and lapidary were among their greatest skills.

The Celts and Britons had occupied Britain for centuries before the arrival of the Romans, and later the Anglo-Saxons. They had developed their own styles epitomized by the famous knot-work designs we know so well today. A blending of these styles and skills over the centuries resulted in the English art forms which have influenced the Western World as a whole.jpeg image: alfred jewel





The Alfred Jewel
A beautiful example of decorative art from the late 9th Century. It is an enamelled portrait - said to be of King Alfred - holding two sceptres






jpeg image: belt buckle Buckle
This piece in gold filigree and garnets is early 9th
Century  and demonstrates Frankish and Byzantine


jpeg image: kingston brooch


  The Kingston Brooch

This fine piece of Anglo-Saxon jewellery from the early 9th Century is also gold filigree with decoration of cuttlefish shell, garnets and lapis lazuli.



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