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Anglo-Saxon Art - Page 2 of 2


jpeg image: frey fertility icon



Frey - god of fertility and summer
A small statuette of Obsidian circa
500 AD from Södermanland, Sweden



jpeg image: thor's hammer amulet


Thor's Hammer
Silver, 10th Century. A popular talisman for warrior's and sailors, it symbolises fair weather and strength in battle.




jpeg image: jelling cup

  The Jelling Cup
Supposedly used by Viking King Gormr, this 10th Century silver chalice was found at Jelling, in Jylland, Denmark - the site of the Great Stone. Gormr was the first Scandinavian king to tolerate Christianity.



jpeg image: sutton hoo purselidFrom the Sutton Hoo Burial Site
This splendid purse lid dated about 625AD depicts the story of Daniel in the Lion's Den. Decoration is glass and garnet.


gif image: tiw tablet


Tiw - God of War, Justice, Law and Legislation
A 9th Century carved soapstone tablet depicting Tiw
with his sword and battleaxe




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