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Casting the Runes - Page 1 of 4


Preparing for the cast
There are no formal rules for consulting the runes.  You should try and find a time and place where the distractions of everyday life do not intrude. Keep the light to a minimum; draw the curtains if it is daylight. Candlelight is most conducive.

Relax as much as possible and try to focus your mind on the subject of the consultation before casting. If there are others present, they should be in accord with your thoughts and aspirations for the cast; confusing answers will result if two minds are on two different matters.

Familiarity is an important factor to the runes. They will be more responsive when handled by a single person, when kept in the same place, and when cast in the same manner. That is why my runes are supplied in a box and with a bag.

It is quite acceptable to enter into the cast with no further preamble, though many prefer some formal ritual to assist them (and the runes) in achieving the fine focus required for best results. An invocation or short prayer would be appropriate.

jpeg image: odingif image: friggAnglo-Saxon Gods such as Odin, Freya, Tiw, Ing, etc may be app-ropriate to your needs - but you are warned against invoking Thor the god of  thunder, who has a habit of being vengeful and unforgiving.

For initial guidance,  the early Norse and Anglo-Saxon gods are detailed briefly in the Larousse Encyclopędia of Mythology, available in most library reference sections.

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