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Casting Runes - Page 2 of 4


Casting the Runesjpeg image: the field

The field on which you cast the runes represents the world in which you live.

To the Right represents the past
To the Left - the future.

When reading horizontally (right-to-left), the central area represents the present.

On the vertical axis, closest to you (Near) represents the issue.

Furthest from you (Far) represents the outcome.

The central area when read in this direction represents your need, your actions and the challenges which may effect them.

Take the runes from the box and place them unseen in the bag. Swirl the runes around in the bag gently with your writing hand, and let a rune fall naturally into your fingers. Feel it and sense whether it is the right one to draw.

Draw the runes one at a time and place them on the field. Never turn the runes - place them exactly as they come to hand on the field. Whether they are upright or reversed (i.e. upside down or right way up), and whether they appear converse or obverse (i.e. face down or face up) may make a difference to the meaning.

When placing the runes on the field always work from Right to Left, then from Near to Far.
If placing a three rune cast you would lay Right, Centre, then Left.
If placing a five rune cast you would lay Right, Centre, Left, Near, Far.
And if placing a six rune cast you would lay Right, Near Centre, Left, Near, Far Centre, Far.
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