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Casting Runes - Page 3 of 4


The Traditional Rune Casts

Odin's Rune
For an overview of an entire situation, state the issue aloud and draw a single rune.

The rune drawn will encompass the entire matter from past to future, actions and outcome. This is particularly useful with a very critical matter for which you seek instant guidance.


The Three Rune Cast
With the issue stated aloud, draw three runes and place them Right, Centre and Left.

gif image: three rune spread The first rune (Right) speaks of the situation as it now is.

The second (Centre) suggests the course of action called for.

And the third rune (Left) foretells the outcome which will result from that action.

Alternatively, if you are seeking to remove an obstacle from your life or your progress, you may read the runes:

Right - myself at present

Centre - the challenge or obstacle

Left - the best possible outcome if I am able to overcome the obstacle.

As to the matter of how to remove the obstacle for a satisfactory outcome - a supplementary cast of Odin's Rune may provide the answer.


gif image: runic cross spreadThe Runic Cross
 This is a six rune cast which will give you an in-depth analysis of an issue. It is similar to the classic Tarot layout and is undoubtedly developed from that source.

The Celtic Cross was a common motif in Northern Europe even in pre-Christian times, but there is no documentation suggesting it was used by ancient rune diviners. The earliest historical evidence for divination with runes was written by the Roman historian Tacitus visiting Germany in the 10th century CE. The account describes a 3-rune cast, although "runes" are not mentioned in the report only "signs", it seems probable he was witnessing  a rune cast.

State the issue and draw six runes in the manner stated above. Cast them Right, Near Centre, Left, Near, Far Centre, Far.

The Right rune represents the past, the situation which has brought this issue to exist.

The Near Centre rune represents you now and the Left is what lies ahead of you.

The Near rune (known as the Foundation) gives the underlying basis of the issue, often subconscious or unrecognised reasons why the position has arisen.

The Far Centre (known as the Challenge) represents the nature of the obstacles or blockages which you wish to overcome.

The Far rune (known as the Outcome) foretells the best outcome you can anticipate if overcoming the challenge.

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