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Casting Runes - Page 4 of 4

  jpeg image: quest for truth The Quest for Truth Cast

This cast will give the most detailed analysis of personal destiny. It must be undertaken by an experienced Runemaster or Runemistress on behalf of the questioner (The Querent).

The cast requires the selection of nine runes: one by the Runemaster, the other eight by the Querent.

The Runemaster/Runemistress should spend some time in conversation and company with the Querent to get a feel for the person and the subject.

Then the Runemaster or Runemistress will select a single rune in the usual way which will represent the Querent. The Querent will then be passed the runebag and select eight more runes, one by one and lay them in a three-by-three square to the pattern shown in the diagram opposite.

  • The bottom right rune (drawn by the Runemaster/mistress) representing the Querent is known as the significator.
  • The second rune reveals the inner self and cast middle row right.
  • The third rune is cast top row right and deals with the goals or ideals of the Querent.
  • The fourth rune is cast top row middle to represent the past.
  • The fifth rune is cast at the centre of the square and tells of family matters.
  • The sixth rune is cast bottom row middle and deals with the Querent's health.
  • The seventh rune is cast bottom row left and speaks of religious matters.
  • The eighth rune is cast middle row left and represents the Querent's friends.
  • The final rune is cast top row left and reveals the final outcome of the matter.

The Three Lifetimes Cast

This cast is dedicated to reincarnation, and should not be practised lightly. It gives a three level insight into your journey through this life, your previous existence, and any future incarnation you may expect.

jpeg image: three lifetimes cast If practising this cast, one should be aware that not everyone will experience reincarnation, and it is perhaps better not to know.

I have found this to give startling results often invoking long-forgotten memories and giving the querent some discomfiture - even nightmares - for weeks afterwards.

Speak the issue and draw five runes in the same manner as before. Cast them Right, Centre, Left, Near, Far.

  • Right represents your birth and childhood and will point out your talents, attributes and shortcomings.
  • Centre represents your present life and will indicate actions you must take to improve your present life and thus deserve another.
  • Left shows what your future in this life holds for you if you follow the advice given.
  • Near gives an indication of your past life, its character and your behaviour.
  • And finally, Far gives an indication of :
              Whether you will reincarnate and
              If so, what kind of person you will be


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