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The Blank (not really a rune)

Alternative Names
Anglo-Saxon: Woden, Voden, Vodan

Norse: Odin
Old English: Woden, Weden, Wotan


The blank is a concept of modern origin and has no traditional value or significance. Because it is blank, it is not really a rune at all.

tourmaline Its invention is usually ascribed to Ralph Blum, 1980s author of "The Book of Runes", a somewhat inaccurate and very personal view of Runemal. But there is some evidence that it may have been used for divination as early as the 16th century.

 I do not use the blank rune myself preferring the traditional method, but it is included here (and as a spare in my rune sets) for those who are interested. It is often taken to represent Fate, Destiny or Odin, the high god of the Northern Tradition and god of Rune Magic.

Traditionally, Ansuz is Odin's Rune, so I can't really see the need for another rune to represent him, especially a blank. However, the associations given here are applicable to Odin so for those who want it I have arbitrarily ascribed them to the blank. Those who use the blank in divination will no doubt grow to recognize that it is superfluous as they progress in runic knowledge.

Browse the Runes Forum to read more discussion about the blank rune controversy.

Fate. Destiny. The will of the gods. The end or the beginning. Death or birth. The appearance of The Blank Rune would presumably signify that in this aspect, Fate has taken control and you have none.

The death or birth indications should be taken as symbolic rather than actual and would I suppose refer to any aspect of your life - such as work, romance, business or wealth.

ash Personal Interpretation
Must be based on the adjacent Runes in the cast.

Reverse and Converse
The Blank Rune has no reverse or converse.

Runic Number: :0

calendulaColor:  Runic Blue 

Element: Air

Polarity: Male

Associated gods: Odin - obviously!

Astrological Correspondence: Mercury     

Tarot Correspondence: The Emperor (possibly)

The Rune Poem
As explained above, the Blank is not really a rune at all so it is not therefore featured in the Rune Poem. The verses given in the other rune pages are from the Hickes transcription of the Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem, as translated by Anglo-Saxon scholar Dr Louis J Rodrigues.


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