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Welcome to the homepage of the Runemaker




have been
used in Britain since
the Dark Ages. When the
Romans abandoned Britain
around 450AD, waves of
immigrants from Europe came
and settled in this green and pleasant
land. The Friesians from the
Netherlands, the Angles and Saxons
from Germany, then the Jutes and
Norsemen (Vikings) from Scandinavia.

They brought with them their set of ancient symbols known as the runes. Originally there were 24 runes and they are collectively known as "the Futhark".

People used runes for writing messages, inscriptions and epitaphs; as amulets and charms; as an oracle for use in divination; and for rituals, magic and spells.

You can learn all about runes right here on the Runemaker website. Use the main menu (top left on every page) to navigate.

Download fonts and e-books, order artwork or transcription services, and browse the retrospective pages about rune products such as amulets, rune sets, gandrs (wands) and the runic dowsing pendulums that I used to make.

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