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Technical Data and Site Map

Moving around the website
The navigation panel on the left appears on just about every page of the website. Hover on an item to see if there is a sub-menu (indicated by this symbol ) and click a title to visit the page. Below is a map showing the structure of the site and how the pages are linked. The titles on the map are clickable, too.

Visitor Traffic
During the last 6 months of 2012 the site attracted an average of 15,000 to 17,000 unique visitors per day.
The Runemaker Group as a whole (13 websites) rates around three quarters of a million visits per week. The total number of unique visitors to all Runemaker websites since the launch in 1997 is just over 6.5 billion. This is reflected in the search engine rankings. You will find at least one page or another from this site listed on the first page of results for 'runes' searches with every major search engine. In case you are interested runemaker.com is the world's largest runes-related website with over 1,500 files occupying more than 60 Megabytes of server space. The Runemaker Group as a whole consists of about 57,000 files totalling  more than 1.4 Gigabytes.

Some technical stuff
This website uses server-side include technology (SSI) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for fast loading. I have to frankly admit that the site is designed and fully tested only for Mozilla Firefox (36% of visitors), Internet Explorer (20%) and Safari 5+ (4.5%). Google Chrome v17 (another 36%) does not render all table cells correctly. You will sometimes find spaces and incorrect image rendering not specified in the source code. I haven't had time to do extensive testing yet so you will probably find other errors. Please let me know if you find anything obvious and I'll try to fix it. I haven't tested recently with Opera (2.5%) either since it seems to be on a gradual decline. It was fine when I last tested in 2011.  I haven't tested Netscape for about 4 years now. It's used by less that 1% of visitors, doesn't recognize a lot of modern features, and is known to contain many bugs. It's time to let go, Netscapers . . .

Re-rendering by Translation Services
The use of CSS, layers and a few instances of absolute positioning can cause problems for page translation services that do not import style sheets, or expand tables to accommodate longer text strings. If you use such a service, tell the providers what they are doing wrong.

Monitor Resolution
Some graphics and most menus are generated by DHTML and utilize JavaScript. There are also some pages generated by XML, PHP, SQL database queries and Perl/CGI scripting. The site is optimized for Mozilla Firefox 5+, Internet Explorer 9+, and Safari 5+ at 1024x768 and is suitable for viewing at 800x600 resolution. It's also OK at higher resolutions, but unless you have a huge monitor some text will appear very small. I recommend you reduce your browser window to around 1200 width and magnify the page rendering. Otherwise there will be a lot of empty space on the pages.

Image Placeholders
If you are viewing the site with the images turned off use an image placeholder to preserve the text layout. You're gonna miss a lot of good stuff, but you will still be able to read the site.

For visitors using Accessibility, I have tried my best to make this site as friendly as possible. I have used alt text titles or additional text for all the structural graphics. So I hope you enjoy the site - please let me know if there's anything more I can do to improve it from your perspective.

Navigation problems
If you are using Internet Explorer 7 you should know that Javascript is not enabled in that browser as a default, you have to install it manually otherwise the main navigation and several other components of this website will not function. It also blocks a lot of my pages because it thinks my menu scripts are a security risk. If you are one of the 24% of unfortunate IE users that have installed IE7, my commiserations. I hope you find a way to step up to IE8 or 9 before you go nuts. Better still, take a look at Firefox.

If you find empty spaces where you are expecting navigation bars or buttons, it probably means you are using an old browser that doesn't recognize the modern features used on this site. Or, maybe you have got a modern browser, but you haven't turned the new features on yet! But if you do find something that seems to be an error on the site, I would be very grateful if you would be kind enough to let me know so I can fix it.

Copyright Issues
Illegal Copying, leeching, hot-linking
Many pages on this website include protected script locations, and copyrighted photographs, artwork or text. These pages and images are encrypted to prevent hot-linking, leeching and copying. None of these measures are hack-proof of course, but it does slow casual thieves and spammers down a bit. To see what happens when a protected image is copied or hot-linked, save this one and view the saved copy.

I know a lot of visitors will not like these measures and I'm sorry if you are inconvenienced, but there is so much copyright theft and plagiarism going on these days and I can't think of any other way of dealing with the problem. I trawl the internet every month or so and usually find two or three new websites that have illegally reproduced my text or images without giving credit. I do take legal action when necessary but it's an awful waste of time and money that I would prefer to avoid, so I am hoping these protection methods will help reduce my lawyer's bills to a more manageable level.

Free content for personal use
If you genuinely want any of my stuff for personal use, email me explaining what it is for and I will do my best to oblige. Most of the information and some of the pictures on the Rune Meanings pages are also used in my book "Discovering Runes" which is available in hard copy and in my ebook "Runebodian". Please see the rune products - Books and rune products - CD-ROMs/Downloads pages for prices. If you just want the rune meanings pages as a handy reference you could buy "The Rune Reminder" eBook for US$5.95. It's based on the Rune Meanings pages on this site, contains all the same information on 40 pages in full color together with a lot of new photographs and 11 original single-page articles on related subjects, to have it delivered to your email address right away.

Content ownership
Unfortunately, I am unable to provide copies of pictures or text from the pages on Rune History, Anglo-Saxon Art and Rune Monuments because they include photographs that do not belong to me.

Virus Detection problems
There are no trojans or other viruses on this site
If you have anti-virus software that blocks a page from loading it probably means your anti-virus system is out of date. Many virus scanning applications use default settings that will block pages that contain code they do not recognize, such as DHTML menus, segments of Javascript, and the bits and pieces of encryption described in "Copyright Issues" above. The entire website is subjected to continuous real-time virus scanning by Symantec on the server, so it is highly unlikely that you will ever encounter a real trojan or virus on any of my pages. You might like to consider updating or re-configuring your anti-virus software settings.

Your spam and security software
If you get trojan or virus reports from your security software on many of the websites you visit I would recommend you switch to a more modern security application. The AVG free version is updated every day and IMO is one of the best. I have AVG Pro these days, but I've used different versions of AVG since it first came out in 1997 and it has never let me down.

Privacy Policy
Runemaker.com subscribes to the Runemaker Group Privacy Policy. Click here to read it.

Editorial policy
You won't find any banner advertising on this site (except for the remotely-hosted Guest Book and Runes Forum), and very few commercial messages except for the links page and me plugging my own products. Neither will you find a lot of fancy sound effects, music, animations, shockwave, flash animations, video clips, XML or other flashy stuff on this site. I would rather spend my creation time (and, more importantly, your download time) giving you lots of useful information in clear, plain English with attractive and relevant pictures.

And speaking of plain English: Brits - please excuse me for using mostly North American expressions and spellings - about 80% of my visitors are from the USA and Canada, so it was a majority decision.

OK, that's all the excuses out of the way. Enjoy your visit!  Here's the map . . . . . .


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