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Testimonials from satisfied customers


This is a selection from the many "thank you" emails I get from satisfied customers.

If you wish to correspond directly with anyone I will supply their current email address - asking their permission first, of course.

Liz M
Norwich, NY
April 2007

A friend of mine came to me today and asked me if I could translate a phrase into runes for her. I told her, though I can read them, I wouldn't trust anyone but "Oswald the Runemaker" to write them, or translate properly.

Six years ago I bought a beautiful boxed set of runes from you; a set made from crack willow with a lovely etched image of an apple tree on the cover. I have the box sitting on my lap right now as I type, and I just wanted to say how much I still love it -- it's beautiful. I wish everyone in the world could have something so personal and lovely that connects them to their heritage and spirituality; I hope I do not sound greedy when I say I am thrilled that I am one of the lucky few.

If anyone is wondering whether or not they should buy something you have crafted...the answer is an emphatic YES. Don't think, just do, it won't be regretted.


Glenn R
Staffordshire, England
February 2007
Custom Boxed Gandr (Runestaff)
received the Gandr and amulet today. Thank you very much, I am really impressed. The Gandr has an almost immediate feeling of power and energy to it and I know that with familiarity that will only increase.

Stuart L, Essex, England
September 2006
Miniature Rune Set
Having posted a quick 'Thank-you' on your forum, I thought it appropriate to express my gratitude to you by personal email, too.

The set was received the following day and when I excitedly opened the package I was joyfully 'surprised' at the content. The bag was beautifully stitched and I was pleased that it was large enough . . .a nice shade of purple, too!

As for the runes themselves, I was even more pleased at the size, the quality and craftsmanship. Bob, they are beautifully made and I appreciate the time and effort that you put into their creation. The empowerment rite that you perform is an 'added extra' to the mass-produced runes and that's one thing (of many) that sets them apart.


JS, Minnestota, USA
September 2006
Classic Boxed Rune Set
I just got the rune set today and it's an absolute work of art. Add me to your satisfied customers list!

The set is beautiful and much more than I could have ever imagined and the craftsmanship is undoubtedly unsurpassed. I tried it out on a couple of casts and I was shocked at how well it works. I must tell you I love the set. To tell you the truth I didnít think it would have the power that it does. Its performance is quite astonishing.


December 2005
Unique Boxed Rune Set
I just received the Valknut Sunburst rune set yesterday and I am absolutely honoured to have them in my possession.

Just upon looking at them and holding the box I must say that these could be something of a phenomenon in divination. Deeply gracious thanks.


PMJ, Denmark
December 2005
DeLuxe Boxed Rune Set
I received the Rune set today, and just had a chance to open the package now. What a wonderful and beautiful rune set you made! The design and the box and everything is extremely well thought out and designed. I cannot praise your craftsmanship enough, perfect!
Best wishes.

Irina N
Sofia, Bulgaria
October 2005
Boxed Miniature Rune Set
Hello, Mr. Oswald,
I received my rune set well before I expected it. Thank you! And I really like it very much.
I read the e-mails of your satisfied customers and thought: "Hmm... I doubt it's possible that the runes and the boxes look that much better than they do on the picture. Not enough to be worth mentioning, anyway...."
But my set really looks that much better! And the runes still smell of wood. It is great. Whenever I open the box I feel like being in a forest. That definitely helps me get in the right state of mind for casting the runes.
Thanks again!


Randy M
South Dakota, USA
October 2005
Classic Boxed Rune Set
I've been ooohing and ahhhing over my set since it arrived, and am so pleased with your work. You clearly "know your stuff" and it shows in the work, which is, ultimately, the final measure. I couldn't be more pleased with my rune set. The quality is there, from the runes themselves to the box to the artwork on the box lid.

I've spent some time browsing your website and you've done an excellent job. The site is both informative, user-friendly, and a great display for your work. I knew fairly quickly what kind of wood I wanted and what kind of design for the box, but what I appreciated was both your prompt responses to my email and your insistence that I take my time and get what I want.

For those getting their first set, or not quite sure what kind of set they want, working with you to answer those questions will be a real pleasure. Many, many thanks. I look forward to doing business with you in the future, Bob.

Jacob H
September 2005
Aegishjalmur "Helm of Awe" Amulet
Received the Helm of Awe amulet in good order. Thank you for this lovely piece. I am going to wear it all the time and hope to receive its benefits, and hopefully radiate some of them to those around me!
All the Best for now.



Julian R
Gloucestershire, UK
September 2005
Boxed Miniature Rune Set, Practical Bindrune Amulets
Just thought I'd drop you a line to say I received my rune set and practical bindrunes a few days ago.

I'm delighted with all the items and will definitely be ordering from you again. Good luck for the future!


Texas USA
August 2005
Standard Boxed Rune Set
My Oswald runes have been very good to me. They are very accurate - almost to the point that it's creepy! . To me, they are absolutely awesome! I love the way the look; I love knowing that they will last a lifetime; and, more importantly, I love they way they communicate with me.


Richelle F
Ohio USA
August 2005
Rune amulets
Beautiful...simply beautiful. Thanks for your prompt service, courteous responses and excellent craftsmanship. I will tell all that you rock!! Best to you...


Alton W
Hamilton, New Zealand
August 2005
Classic boxed rune set

Hi Bob
thank you the runes have arrived safe and sound, and as I expected the wait for the best was worth it. After I have tuned them to me I think they will work with me well. the vibration they give off now is clean and pure yet vital. thank you once again.


David C
Connecticut USA
August 2005
Custom boxed rune set

I received my order on Friday of the week you sent it, amazing timing. I only just picked it up this evening, and I have to say I am nothing but pleased with the entire package; the box top, stain, color, and lining, everything is spot on. The lid design looks even better now that I have it in my hands, and I appreciate every moment spent creating this for me.

You are truly a master craftsman and I am honored to have happened across your site when searching for someone experienced who could create a set of runes.

Thanks again for all the time and effort spent. For any further needs, without a doubt I'll be looking through your site.


Juan O
Texas USA
May 2005
Miniature rune set
I received my Runes this past Saturday. I love the way they look. Every time I look at them, I grow more fond of them. Your runes make my other two manufactured sets look unnatural. I like the way the you drew the runes. Also, the fact that the size and shapes of each piece are slightly different makes them feel natural. It took a little time for me to get used to the varnish finish, but I like it now. It comforts me knowing that the finish is a protective barrier against, dust, stains, etc. Wonderful job on my runes! I love them!


Stephanie H
Vermont USA
February 2005
Unique boxed rune set & personal bindrune amulets

Good morning Bob:
I received the Rune set, amulet and key-chain yesterday, and I absolutely LOVE them!!!!! All of them resonate with really good energy, and make you want to touch them and just be around them in general. The detail is gorgeous, even prettier than on the website, if that's possible. In short, I'm deee-LIGHTED with them!

Rune tattoo designs
These are, in a word, GORGEOUS! In two words, they are GORGEOUS AND PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pix came through beautifully, with no problems viewing at all. I can't thank you enough for putting these together. They really are very special.
Many thanks and you are talented, yes you are yes you are yes you are........


Guido C
January 2005
Grand Erilaz Runework Set

Today the package with everything in it was delivered. I'm impressed with the beauty and craftsmanship. My compliments and thank you very much, it really feels like my own set.

I'm going to spend lots of time trying out how it all works, reading the books and just enjoy working with the runes


Gina G
New York USA
January 2005
Rune tattoo design

Thank you so much! I was able to open the document, no problem, and I am absolutely over the moon about the first one! You have been great to work with, and I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know who might ask. Thank you for being so helpful and understanding, especially with someone as picky as myself.


Steve P
January 2005
Rune tattoo designs

If we were playing golf you would be "da man". The designs were fantastic. This is exactly what I was looking for, something unique for us. I couldn't be more pleased. I have shown them to a friend and she is interested. You may get more work from us here. I'm sure I will be ordering another soon. Thanks again for your work



Jean M
Hampshire UK
January 2005
Personal runestaff (gandr)

Gandr received today! Beautiful! I felt the power as I touched it. I look forward to healing with it as soon as the Gandr and I know each other!


Peter S
Kentucky USA
December 2004
Personal runestaff (gandr)

I have just received the gandr. It is beautiful, masterfully done.
I can't thank you enough.


Dalrich H
Prague Czech Republic
November 2004
Grand Erilaz Runework set
I got the package yesterday, Thank you so much, I have to say that both the Runestaff and the Runes are very beautifully crafted. A piece of art! My wife is of the same opinion :-)
Let us wish you happy and fruitful New Year in 2005!


Kelly B
New York USA
March 2004
Rune tattoo design
Thanks for the design it looks great! I'm very pleased with your work. I am going to recommend you to others who are interested in these types of designs. The design came out perfect on my printer. Just the size I wanted. Thanks again, Bob.


Berto S
London UK
February 2004
Rune tattoo design
Thank you for your great tattoo design! I must be honest to you when I say  that I was not expecting the final design to be so good!! Excellent work  Bob! You have got 10/10!

I like everything, the colours, the runes, the design  and even the bindrune with my initials. Perfect! It is perfect for the  purpose I was looking for and very attractive to look at. I will be very  happy tomorrow when I had it done.

Thank you for your patience with me. I  know that you must have loads of work and tattoos to do, but you have kept  your word and the tattoo was ready before St. Valentineís day.

I wish all  the best for you and your business. Once again thank you very much! It was  a pleasure to do business with you. You are an excellent rune-tattoo designer! All the best!


Ken G
Buckinghamshire UK
January 2004
Viking Runemaster boxed rune set
Hello :)
the runes arrived safely yesterday. I am very pleased with them, the workmanship is of such a high standard. They look and feel amazing. Thank you so much!


Tabatha P
Nebraska USA
December 2003
Rune tattoo design

Hey Bob,
Thank you so much. It was definitely worth the wait. I am very impressed with your work and I will be using you in the future. Thank you also for the explanation of the four runes you used. Thanks again!!


Ronald R
Texas USA
November 2003
Custom Viking Runemaster Boxed rune set
& Custom runic dowsing pendulum

I received my items today. The Rune Set and Pendulum looks GREAT!!! Your work is EXCELLENT! Thanks. May your life be filled with good health, great wealth, and prosperity always.


Sandra N
Missouri USA
November 2003
Miniature rune set & runic dowsing pendulum

Hi Bob,
I just wanted to let you know that I received my rune set and pendulum and they are incredible! You do really nice work. True craftsmanship! I don't normally say stuff like this - but they have really nice "energy" too! I'm looking forward to using them. And thanks for the bind rune - that was really nice of you.


Tessa D
London UK
September 2003
Custom boxed rune set
Thank you for my Rune set, I am delighted with them, they are under my pillow as we speak! Your design is brilliant, it moves something deep when I look at the design. The ash runes look awesome, thank you.

Chris W
Suffolk UK
August 2003
Rune tattoo design
Dear Bob,
I am guessing that you probably send a great deal of fabulous design work out into the ether and get little feedback in return. In an attempt to redress the balance, and to thank you once again for such a great job done, here is the Helm of Awe you created for me in situ. It has bedazzled all who have thus far gazed upon it. Blessing be unto you always.


Daniel C
New Jersey USA
June 2003
Rune tattoo designs
I just wanted to let you know that I received all the designs, and I am extremely satisfied. Thanks again for your outstanding work, and also for the membership to your website. If I need any design assistance in the future, I will be sure to get in touch. Take care.


Will W
Florida, USA
June 2003
Custom boxed rune set

To say that I am "satisfied" with the rune set is the understatement of the decade! "Thrilled" comes much closer. It is truly awesome.  I haven't even started checking out the software yet, but the runes themselves are gorgeous.  And the box is a thing of beauty in its own right. 
Thank you so much.  I can't wait to show them to all my Pagan friends.


Rhonda C
Tennessee USA
March 2003
Custom boxed rune set
I received my rune set yesterday and it is absolutely breathtaking. I am very happy with it. Thanks so much for sharing your gift to be able to create something so beautiful. Have a great day!


Darryl C
Tennessee USA
March 2003
Custom boxed rune set

I received my custom rune set today and I am absolutely delighted! They have such a wonderful feel to them! Your craftsmanship is superb, and I would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did.

I will treasure these runes for all of my days. It's been a pleasure making your acquaintance, and if you ever get back to Tennessee, stop by for a spell!
Take Care and Thanks!


Marge B
Ohio USA
February 2002
Standard boxed rune set
The runes arrived today and they are absolutely beautiful! I have bought several "mass" produced sets of runes and must say I was never happy with them. When I opened the box, you sent, I was delighted and couldn't stop running my hands over them.

I have been studying the runes for several years, now and wished I had stumbled on your site earlier. When I saw this set I knew I had to have them. I'm not sure if your willow tree is the same as the Ohio willow, but that tree has always had a place in my memories and heart. Needless to say I felt a special energy when I opened the runes.

I can't thank you enough! Hugs Across the Ocean!


Joanne G
Bedford UK
February 2002
Runic dowsing pendulum

Just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with my order. My pendulum is quite simply the most lovely thing ever. The wood is beautiful and ...... IT WORKS!! I instantly established the yes/no responses and some answers to questions asked have involved some quite dramatic movements accompanied by tingling in my hands. This really is incredibly exciting for me. I'm now hooked!


Sheilah L
Florida USA
January 2002
Custom boxed rune set
I was so pleased with your responsiveness, your communications, and the care you showed in creating my Rune set and the special Bindrune creation.

I received my customized Rune set today and I love it. I also really love the personlized Bindrune. Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful and wonderful set for me. I think the communication capabilities will only increase as my comfort level increases.

February 2002
Runic dowsing pendulum
Wow - I was thrilled yesterday to receive my pendulum. Just holding it I felt such wonderful energy. I am going to wait till this weekend to start working it but I feel very positive about the synergy we can develop. Thank you so much for including my personal bindrune on the fob - what a magnificent surprise!!


Susan T
New South Wales Australia
December 2001
Personal bindrune amulet

I just wanted to say thank you for the bindrune you made for me and to let you know that it arrived safely in Oz. I love it and it feels very powerful to wear it. I think it is wonderful! 

I've been meaning to write to you and tell you how my life has changed so much since the first day I got my personal bindrune.  Thanks you so much for making it for me.  I wear it in meditations and feel an overwhelming yet wonderful sense of "Personal" power.

Susan F
Maryland USA
October 2001
Standard boxed rune set

I received my runes Saturday, they are wonderful!! I am passing on your site to some of my friends. Once they see mine you will probably have more orders. I haven't had much time to work with them, hopefully I'll find some time this week.

Daniel F
Victoria Australia
October 2001
Personal bindrune amulet

Hi bob,
i got my bindrune a couple of days ago, it looks great :) Thanks for  all your great work and well wishes, i really appreciate it.

Bob H
British Columbia Canada
June 2001
Personal bindrune amulet

Hi Bob,
I have received your design and it is excellent. Thank you for your time. I will pass word of your service to those who can appreciate it's value and I will keep a spot for you around the fire!

John M
Colorado USA
May 2001
Personal bindrune amulet

Hail Bob,
Thanks for this Bindrune. It is beautiful and sweet smelling. I am delighted with this and thank you from the bottom of my heart for it. I will next have to order a set of runes and instructions at reading from you. Now, which shall I order? Your work is excellent!

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