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Rune Wares for Candles and Incense
(these items are no longer in production)


Runic Candleholder
(no longer in production)
Table-standing candleholder with routed edge base in Natural, Beech or Walnut varnished finish. Made of reclaimed softwood.

Size approx. 8ins high, 3½ins base (200 x 100mm).

Decorated with the full Futhark of pokerwork rune motifs in four raised panels of six runes each.

The candleholder was in two parts requiring assembly with one screw (supplied).



Runic Tea-Light Burner
(no longer in production)
Burner for tea-light candles in reclaimed softwood.

Decorated with the full futhark of pokerwork runes - three runes on each side.

Octagonal shape, approximate size 2½ins wide, 1¼ins high (65 x 33mm).

Was supplied in Natural, Beech or Walnut finish.


 Runic Incense Burner
(no longer in production)
Holder for four incense sticks in reclaimed softwood.

Size approx. 3ins high, 2 ins square at the base (75 x 50mm)

Decorated by pokerwork featuring a large Oswald bindrune on each of the 4 sides plus the full futhark of smaller runes around the base.

Was supplied in Natural, Beech or Walnut finish.

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