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Carved & Colored Miniature Rune Set
Retrospective (no longer in production)



■ Each set was
   individually handmade
   in England.

■ 24 runes + 1 blank of
   chosen Futhark.

■ I only used windfall or
   coppiced branches
   from woodland trees.

■ All other materials
   were  recycled.

■ Each set was
   empowered by ancient
   runic ritual.

■ Each set was supplied
   with full provenance.

■ P&P & tax was
   included in the price.


Futhark: Elder (Viking) Futhark or Anglo-Saxon Futhark. 

Rune Wood: 5 different wild woods

Rune size: (approx.) ins: 1 high x ¾ wide x ½ thick mm: 25 high x 18wide  x 12 thick

Rune marking: hand-carved and pigment colored.
                          (different 8 pigment colors)

Bag color: 8 colors matching rune pigment

Documentation: "The Viking Runes - A Short Introduction" 27-page eBook plus a free screensaver on mini-CD


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