Choosing a Futhark or Futhorc for your artwork

There are several versions of the Futhark or Futhorc used by different cultures of Northern Europe and there are also variations throughout the ages. The commonest and most widely used rune set is known as the Elder, Norse or Viking Futhark:

If you are of Northern European ancestry or if you feel a strong affinity with German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Finnish or Norman culture then the Elder Futhark runes will be most appropriate.

There are some exceptions to this however, notably the Netherlands, the British Isles, Flanders and Brittany - see below.

The early Anglo-Saxon or Anglo-Friesian Futhorc was brought to Britain from the West Friesland region of the Netherlands by pre-Viking settlers of Saxon origin:

If you are of British, Irish, Netherlands, Flemish or Breton ancestry or if you feel a strong affinity with the cultures of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Netherlands, Flanders or Brittany (but not Normandy) then the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc would be your choice.

If you have no connection with any of these, or have no preference you could choose either rune set just on its appearance. If in doubt choose the Elder Futhark as the most widely used.