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Retrospective: Runic Pendulum

(no longer in production)



This unique product was only ever available from Oswald The Runemaker. It was an advanced dowsing or "pendling" tool for use in divination or discovery. The design was developed in co-operation with my good friend and colleague Mark Porter of Casa Grande, AZ. 

It was an octahedral pendulum about 3in x 2in (100 x 50 mm). It was crafted from solid wood and the original tree bark often retained on the central vertices. The faces of the pendulum bore the eight runes most appropriate for sending and receiving. The top was fitted with a little metal ring and a 10 inch length of chain terminating in a small wooden fob decorated with the Oswald bindrune logo. A 12-page introductory booklet was supplied as a pdf file on mini-CD with the pendulum. The 8 runes were empowered by runic ritual to perform the dowsing function.

Beware of imitations! You may find other versions of the runic pendulum on the www, but the original Oswald-Porter pendulum is the only one with the correct  8 runes that were empowered by runic ritual.

The upper surfaces bear the four “sending” runes
(I have tampered with the list to prevent copying):

  • Ansuz, the Messenger Rune

  • Ingwaz, the Rune of Harmony

  • Ihwaz, the Rune of Defense

  • Ehwaz, the Rune of Momentum

And the lower surfaces bear the four “receiving” runes
((I have tampered with this list too!):

  • Raido, the Traveller’s Rune

  • Berkanan, the Rune of Growth

  • Dagaz, the Rune of Transformation

  • Sowilo, the Rune of Revelation

The pendulum can be used to locate objects, or for giving yes and no answers to questions. It may also help to identify an illness or highlight a dietary deficiency. A pendulum held over a map or sketch may find the position of a person, building or object.

Before use, the pendulum will have to be "set up" and attuned to your psyche, so I have included the 12 page booklet on Mini-CD giving advice on this procedure, together with some basic  instruction on dowsing.  

Ley lines can also be dowsed by pendulum.  These are lines of energy which criss-cross the surface of the earth. Ancient religious sites and many churches that are built on older sacred sites are situated on Ley lines. They can be positive or negative in nature. Some are large and powerful while others are smaller and weaker.

Living or working on a negative line can have an adverse effect on some people who feel ill or depressed as a result. If you know where the Ley line is, you can move your living or working location away to one side of the line. Some times a few yards is sufficient, but I have heard of victims actually moving to another house!

There is an excellent introduction to pendulum dowsing at:
thttp://anamspirit.com/lrndows.htm and one can learn much from:
 http://mypage.direct.ca/j/jliving/landmine.htm, an article by an ex-army engineer officer who used the system for locating unexploded landmines in military service.

(Genuine purchasers please note: in order to protect the pendulum design from unauthorized copying I have included a couple of deliberate mistakes by editing the pictures and changing the description. Pendulums made to the above specifications will be unlikely to produce accurate results.)

Standard Runic Pendulum

The pendulum as described above with a 12 page booklet on Mini-CD. There is no choice of wood with this option, you could be supplied with any type of wood that is currently in stock.

  Boxed Runic Pendulum

The pendulum is as described above (with a 12 page booklet on Mini-CD) supplied in a solid wood box about 2½ x 2½ x 4½ ins (70 x 70 x 120mm) . The sliding lid is decorated with a pokerwork Oswald bindrune logo and the box interior is fabric lined.

You can chose both the pendulum wood and the color of the fabric lining from stock - see the order form below for current options.


Custom Runic Pendulum


The pendulum as described above, but with your personal bindrune design on the fob and the box lid. An expanded 20-page illustrated ebook version of the booklet on Mini-CD comes with the set. The pendulum is supplied in a solid wood box about 2½ x 2½ x 4½ ins (70 x 70 x 120mm).

Choose the pendulum wood from Ash, Beech, Hawthorn, Boxwood, or Willow.

Choose a personal design for the box lid - your bindrune, a shieldknot, a Valknut or something more artistic, perhaps - the choice is yours.

You can also choose from eight different fabrics for the box lining. Click the buttons on the order form to see all the options available. There is plenty of room on the shopping cart page and the mail order form to write in your individual requirements.

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