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Pet Protection Amulets
(no longer in production)


RM22 Pet Protection Amulet
These little amulets were designed to provide protection for pets against accident or attack. The initial of the pet's name was combined with the protection rune Algiz and the bindrune design empowered specifically for the kind of animal and the pet's name.

The bindrune was marked by pokerwork (burned with a hot iron tool). The back of the amulet bore the pet's name and a contact phone number or other inscription of the customers' choice. This was printed on an adhesive transfer film then applied to the wood.


The amulets were made of natural wood from windfall branches. I used hard and durable woods like chestnut, crack willow or beech and finished them with several coats of hard-wearing non-toxic cellulose varnish.


The amulets were approximately 3/4 x 1/2 x 1/4 ins. (18 x 12 x 6 mm). They were fitted with a chrome steel eyelet and  "snaphook" that easily attached to any type of collar. It could also be clipped onto a cage or fixed to a kennel, hutch etc.

The price for these amulets was a little more than the usual amulets because the small markings on both sides took longer to do.

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