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Personal Runestaffs (Gandrs)

(no longer in production)


If you are serious about rune magic, the runestaff - or gandr as it is correctly called -  is an essential accessory for ritual work.

 This traditional gandr was about 1in. in diameter and 12-14 ins. long (25 x 305-350 mm). The runes were branded by  the pokerwork technique and the gandr was then finished with several coats of protective gloss varnish.

The head of the gandr bore the Valknut and a ring of 4 practical bindrunes to enhance the gandr's magical properties.

The gandr was carved with a spiral ribbon bearing the full Futhark of 24 runes.

There was a choice of Cherry, Witch Elm, Cottonwood or Willow wood and the gandr was supplied in a fabric sheath.



Boxed Personal Runestaff

The gandr as described above was supplied with a fabric sheath and storage box.

The box had brass clasps and hinges. The interior was fabric lined to match the sheath and lid decoration. The box lid was finished in light or dark stain and decorated with a hand-painted design. There were 8  different patterns.

Click here for large images of box decoration patterns.

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