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General Information

about Oswald Rune Sets of the past

 Rune sets are no longer in production

These pages are included for those who are interested in the products I used to make - either because they own one of my sets, or maybe a set has come up for sale on eBay or some other auction site, or perhaps visitors may just be interested to see what my sets were like.

I was hoping to resume Unique Rune Set production if arthritis in my fingers were to improve sufficiently. But sadly that hasn't happened and I feel I have to accept that the Unique Rune Sets - like everything else - are now also products of the past that are no longer available.

The following is adapted from the introduction to the Rune Set pages when I was offering a full range of products and the links lead to feature retrospective pages on each style.

Oswald's world-famous rune sets made in the past are still in use by many serious amateur runecasters, professional occultists, top runemasters and runemistresses. The sets have been featured in magazines such as Prediction and Traditions and were seen on American TV in a program about divination entitled Oracle. I had scores of testimonials from satisfied customers who found them the most accurate and highly responsive rune casting sets ever made. You would find links to the Runemaker product pages on all the most reliable rune websites such as the Rune School, The Rune Gild, Sunnyway, etc. Oswald rune sets were - and still are to the best of my knowledge - the only divining runes that were personally endorsed by Freya Aswynn, the world's foremost living runemistress.

Every rune set included 24 runes plus one spare, an introductory eBook on mini-CD or full size CD-ROM, and a casting bag.

The 24 Runes were handmade from windfall or forested branches of Ash, Willow, Cottonwood, Poplar, Alder, Witch Elm, and other wild woods. I would never take wood from living trees. Each set was cut from a single branch, polished and varnished with a durable non-toxic water-based finish.

I only use the original 24 runes myself for divination, but I knew a lot of people liked to have a blank to represent Destiny or Fate. That is quite a modern idea, so users could just keep the blank as a spare if they preferred. For more information about the controversial blank, read the rune meaning page, the Runes Forum, or the FAQs.

The runes were hand marked by the pokerwork technique using a hot iron tool in the traditional manner.

Boxes were made from recycled timber - primarily Birch plywood from used tea-chests, Spruce, Beech, and Pine from furniture factory and lumber yard offcuts, and scrapped doorframes. Boxes were decorated with designs as specified for each product, then varnished and polished. The interior was fabric-lined to match the rune bag. Boxes for the full-size rune sets were divided into small compartments, one for each rune.

All the rune sets were supplied with a provenance statement giving the serial number, the wood, where it was found, and the date the set was made. The boxed sets had a provenance card on the inside of the box lid. With other sets, the statement could be found on a mini-CD or CD-ROM supplied with the set. The history of every set is still kept in my computer document archive, and in many cases I still have a few matching spare blanks that an owner could use to replace lost or damaged runes in years to come.

All products were individually made by hand in my own home workshop in Buckinghamshire in the heart of England.

The Rune Sets
Links to retrospective descriptions and photo pages:

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Widutigel Runetile Sets
Unique Rune Sets

(In case English is not your first language: 'retrospective' means a look back at the past history of a product.)



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