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Valknut Amulets

(no longer in production)

  These amulets were available as pendants and key rings and there was a choice of pokerwork or colored design. The amulets were of natural wood from windfall branches of Ash, Willow, Hazel, Rowan and other wild trees.

The wood was cut and polished before marking. The finished amulets measured about 1¼ in (32mm) across and ⅜ in (10mm) thick.

Pendants were supplied with a leather thong, silver-plated or gold-plated chains in a range of lengths.
 The key rings were fitted with a chrome steel split ring , silver-plated or gold-plated chain and ring.


The packaging carried a description of the product.

Pokerwork marking was burned into the wood with a hot iron tool. The colored designs were done by transfer printing of graphic images finished by hand. Both styles were given several coats of water-based, non-toxic, clear gloss varnish for an attractive and durable finish.


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