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Runic Transcription Service


Transcribing Runes

What's the difference between "translating" and "transcribing"?
I am frequently asked about writing in runes. People want to represent their names in runes, write secret or cryptic messages, create runic inscriptions or spells, and a dozen other reasons. One of the big misconceptions is that runes are a language and one has to translate modern English (or indeed any other modern language) into runes before writing. But that is not the case.

The runes are not in any language. They are simply a system of writing, so you can write any word you can say using runes instead of the letters of the modern Latin alphabet that we use to write English and many other modern languages. Just think of the runes as an alternative ancient alphabet called the Futhark of 24 runes instead of our alphabet of 26 letters.

There is no need to "translate" anything as it will sound the same whatever writing system you use. Just as the letters we call English, Deutsche, Dansk,  Nederlandse etc are not in any language because they are used by scores of languages.

The original rune users did have their own different languages - Scythian, Etruscan, Teutonic, Saxon, Old Norse, and eventually old English or Anglo-Saxon. So there is no reason you can't use runes for any language you like, including modern Western languages such as English.

The main thing to remember is that the runes are phonetic. In other words you write things the way they sound, not the way they are spelled. Because runes do not follow English spelling. Why should they? Runes were in use for hundreds of years before today's crazy spelling conventions arose. I mean, why would a  runecarver write  THROUGH for a word that sounded like THRU? He wouldn't. He would write it the way he heard it and so should anyone wanting to represent modern words in an authentic runic transcript.

This is where those online rune translator programs slip up. They are called "write your name in runes" or "runic translator"  etc, I expect you've seen them in search engine results. But these scripts can't tell how things are pronounced. They put double Ls and double Ts etc. in where they aren't needed, most of them don't know that NG or TH are just one rune in place of two letters, they are unable to tell whether a letter is silent or voiced. Nor can they tell whether an A is pronounced AY as in FATE or A as in FAT. I have even seen a couple of these so-called "translators" using incorrectly drawn runes - Jera written backwards is a common mistake. So far I haven't found one of these programs that knows how to transcribe compound consonants like CH and SH, diphthong vowels such as AI or  OU, nor do they know how to deal with a Q or an X. There are a dozen more examples of this sort of thing.

So how do you go on then? Well, if you want some names, words, phrases or even whole sentences correctly transcribed into runes, but you don't have the time to learn all the ins and outs to do it yourself, this service is for you.

The act of changing words written in the modern alphabet into written runic words is called "transcribing", the process is known as "transcription", and the finished piece is called a "transcript".

Runic Transcription Service
RM111    1 word only -   US$6.95
                 2-5 words -     US$11.95
                 6-12 words -   US$17.95
                 13-20 words - US$25.95
                 21-30 words - US$32.95
RM110    Longer transcription prices on request, email me first

Just  fill out the form below and click the order button. Your runic transcript will be supplied as a graphic image in a pdf document delivered by email attachment.

Delivery would normally be within a few days but a huge influx of orders over the last few weeks will delay new orders placed now by as much as 4 to 6 weeks.

How you use the transcript is entirely up to you. For example if it is for a tattoo you can take the document to any professional tattoo artist who may then use it to ink the transcript on your skin without needing to know anything about the runes themselves.

Please be aware, I can read/write several European languages, and I can use Google Translate for others. But my pronunciation is not good. Therefore transcriptions are only supplied in runic characters representing modern English words and most common names.

With your transcript you will also receive a free copy of my 19-page ebook  A Runic Empowerment Ritual,  see the e-books page on my author website boboswald.com for a full description.

PLEASE NOTE: The price is per WORD not per CHARACTER. For example "thank you for buying my transcription service"  might be 45 characters, but it's only 7 words so the cost would be US$17.95.

PLEASE NOTE: There could be a delay as long as 4-6
weeks for delivery of this service due to its huge popularity.

Service No. Transcription Size Choose
a Color

Choose a

Price US$ Order Online
with PayPal
RM 111

type in or paste names/English words for transcription (240 characters maximum)

 I can read/write several European languages, but my pronunciation is not good. Therefore
  transcripts are only supplied in runic characters representing names and modern English words.

 Price on request for transcripts of 31 words or more, email me with the number of words for a price quotation.

Credit/debit cards and PayPal accounts only for this product, No e-checks or bank transfers, sorry.
Prices include tax & delivery by email. All orders will be acknowledged by PayPal receipt.
 No refund will be given for any transcript after successful delivery.
In case of any difficulty with email delivery an internet download can be arranged.


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