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Unique Rune Sets

(not currently in production)

I  hope to eventually resume making unique rune sets on a limited and occasional basis., but at present I'm afraid my health does not permit that. 

If and when I can produce an occasional set it will be sold to the highest bidder in a "First price sealed bid auction". In that regard interested visitors may like to know that Unique Rune Sets sold  between 1998 and 2006 achieved prices in the range US$159 for set 9 up to more than US$350 for sets 33, 36 and 39 - plus postage and packing.

These unique sets were and still are truly unique. New sets with different rune woods, different interior finish and bag fabric, and new box design color schemes and/or bindrune details will be available.

Things have moved on in the last six years so you will have to make up your own mind about how much a Unique Rune Set would be worth to you these days.

Rest assured that the above example prices do not even come close at quite modest hourly rates to covering the long hours and days spent on design, manufacture, execution of unique artwork, or the finishing and packaging - to say nothing about the cost of materials!

 The pictures below show a selection from unique sets previously sold.


1. Personal bindrune JG
dark stain box, natural design

2. Personal bindrune RJM
natural box, purple design

3. Practical bindrune in standard border.
Leaf green design, medium stain box,

4. Ash tree with practical bindrune
natural box, pokerwork design


5. Practical bindrune and knotwork raven
natural Viking Runemaster-style box,
with dark blue design

6. Ash tree with person bindrune
medium stain box, blue design

7. Knotwork beast in blues & silver, in a Futhark ring, beech stain box.

8. Odin icon with personal bindrune, ravens & knotwork corners, medium stain box.

9. Personal bindrune JW, natural
wood design, medium stain box.

10. Mannaz rune in traditional knotwork
decal, medium stain box.

11. Triple meadhorn design in knotwork
ring,  natural wood box.

12. Informal-style bindrune in oval
knotwork border, natural wood box.

14. Entwined beasts & message rune ring. Blue, teal and bronze, medium stain box.

15. Example of a personal "Helm of Awe"
design, natural wood box.

16. Interlaced triple triangle with AYN bind-rune. Green shades, medium stain box.

17. Futhark ring with personal bindrune DLM medium stain box, pokerwork design

18. Futhark ring with pentagram
natural box, pokerwork design


19. Valknut design with traditional knotwork border in blue and teal.
Medium oak stained Classic style box.

20. Personal bindrune design
supplied to Kelsey Grammer
natural box, magenta design

21. Viking Thor's Hammer design
with 4 knotwork corners in deep
purple and metallic amethyst.
Natural wood Classic style box.

22. Futhark ring with personal bindrune NUM. Natural box, pokerwork design

23. Inset rune row on adapted
standard design in blue
natural wood box

24. Personal rune row in knotwork ring.
Leaf green design, medium stained box.

25. Personal bindrune ALF in serpentine beast knotwork ring and knotwork corners - light & dark blue. Almond stained box.

26. Personal lovebind design in knotwork ring. Blue/teal design, light stained box.

27. Celtic knotwork pattern with a plain border. Three-tone green design,
natural wood box.

28. Viking serpent in a Futhark ring.
Light cherry stained box,
ochre red design

29. Intertwined doves/knotwork design in umber brown. Natural wood box.

30. Valknut in an elliptical Futhark ring,
Viking Runemaster-style box.
Natural wood box, pokerwork design.

31. Personal bindrune JHZ in hexagram
medium stain box, pokerwork design

32. "Vagrant Story" cross design in shades of green. Medium-walnut stained box.

33. Celtic sunburst design in ochre red & metallic gold. Medium-walnut stained box.

34. Triple-Morrigan ravens design in black and purple. Medium-walnut stained box.

35. Pentagram with knotwork infill in gold
and forest green. Medium stained box.

36. Personal bindrune in a circular knotwork web with knotwork decal
corners. Light walnut stained box.

37. Knotwork dragon design in shades of green and magenta with gold trimming. Knotwork decal corners. Natural wood box (custom size).

38. Thor's Hammer design with knotwork corners in midnight blue, runic blue
and metallic sapphire.
Natural wood Compact style box.

39. Spiral Dragon design with interwoven Viking border in forest green, meadow green, lilac & yellow. Natural wood box.

40. Lindinsfarne knot design
in purple, lilac and field green.
Compact style natural wood box.

41. Entwined serpents design with knotwork decal corners in shades of
green, tan brown and gold. Natural wood varnished box with painted design.
This was the last rune set made around Yuletide in 2007, just  before I stopped
rune set production. It featured Anglo-Saxon futhorc runes and sold for US$199.

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